Romantic Resorts and Couple Holidays near Pune

Romantic Resorts and Couple Holidays near Pune

The mantra is the Romantic Resorts and Couple Holidays resort near Pune. Mantra Resort has a secured place for couples and families. Where only members and by Bookings Entries are allowed. At Resort, There is 70 valley facing furnished Cottages are available for the stay, There are other amenities like Water Park, Swimming Pool, Children Play Park, You can enjoy Horse Ride, Rifle Shooting, Archery and many other games also. Besides this, There is a Restaurant and Bar, Personalized Family Theatre where you can see the movie of your choice with your family. Get the privacy you desire and go on long romantic holiday at mantra resorts near Pune.

Romantic Resorts Near Pune

Mantra Resort has a romantic atmosphere. The Mantra resort is located in Sahyadri ranges. On Mantra resort the best romantic climate. Therefore Mantra is a Hill view and Valley view resort. From Mantra overlooking backwater of Bhatghar dam.The mantra is forest view resorts near Pune. The Mantra is the beautiful location with scenic points. Mantra has a pleasant Climatic Condition. The mantra is the best gateway for the weekend couple holiday near Pune. Experience the Peace of Nature at Mantra Resort near Pune.

Couple Holidays Near Pune

Nice place for relaxation and accommodation is at very affordable price. We have best cottages for the couple like Classic Bungalow Cottages, Deluxe Bungalow Cottages. The Mantra resort is the Romantic Resorts and Couple Holidays Resort near Pune. Get the privacy you desire and go on long Romantic Holiday at Mantra Resorts near Pune. Best Weekend Getaway to Visit around Pune. Plan for spend quality time with your family. A Mantra resort is the secured place for couple holiday and also mantra resort location is romantic for couple holidays near Pune. Enjoy romantic couple holidays at Mantra resort near Pune.


Nature is the best place where one can find serenity away from all the chaos. Everyone wishes for that one weekend in the lush green atmosphere to chill and relax. With these chilling vibes especially for couples, this type of weekend will be the rejoicing mark. To give you these chilled vibes and a serene atmosphere mantra resort in Pune is the best couple holiday resort near Pune which has breathtaking view and ambiance. The mantra resort is on a high altitude, which is 2700ft above the sea level. Now you will be able to imagine how calm and scenic this place is. The freshness due to the excellent climate makes the mantra resort as the best couple holiday resort near Pune. Since couples always wish for a stress-free vacation in nature, we have excellent facilities which make Mantra resort as the best couple holiday resort near Pune.

The mantra resort is the best lake view resort near Pune for couples who want to relax and relieve their stress. The ecstatic lake view while you sip a cup of coffee is nearly the heaven on earth. To enjoy this view of bhatghar lake couples here is an excellent chance to feel the breeze near the lake in mantra resort. After inhaling these magnificent breaths, nearly all the couples feel that mantra resort is the best couple holiday resort near Pune.

Mantra resort is surrounded by undulating mountains, which will make you want to come here very often.In between the rolling hills mantra resort is a marvel which blinds you by its beauty, and eventually makes it the best couple holiday resort near Pune. Couples will have their own beautiful time in mantra resorts because of the philosophical view of mountains and greenery on all the sides of the resorts.

With the scenic beauty, mantra resort has much more surprises for couples who choose to spend some quality time away from the city chaos. We have karaoke with artists performing the soothing music which suits the subtle atmosphere of the resort.

We are the best couple holiday resort in Pune due to some specific reasons, and one of them is the romantic stay at Mantra resort for couples. Here in mantra resorts, we have classic bungalow cottages and deluxe rooms so that you will have your best time. We have a vacation for the couples where there is everything needed for them to make their stay comfortable. There are 70 Valley facing furnished Cottages are available for a rest. You can enjoy a luxurious stay at Mantra resorts near Pune.These are the reasons which are majorly responsible for mantra resort to be the best couple resort in Pune. So now when you have experienced its beauty virtually come and witness the verdant meadows in Mantra resorts.

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